curated with Iona Fergusson and Anshika Varma

[Photobook Cafe, London, 27 - 29 October 2022]

Guft-gu, the Urdu word for conversation, features chapters by ten contemporary photographers from India, Nepal and Pakistan. The chapters are presented in an embossed hard case. The volume was edited and curated by Anshika Varma and published by Offset Projects, based in New Delhi, India.

Each chapter is an exploration of the artist’s search for identity, be it through the prism of gender, religion, politics, caste, family archives, the environment or post-colonialism. Photography is the language they use to engage with and make sense of their worlds. For each author, the personal is the political and the photograph a means to fuse these two worlds together. While each zine opens a window into individual lived experiences - at times introspective, at others openly defiant - the Guftgu photobook, taken collectively, offers the viewer an insight into a region in flux.

The featured artists are:
Nida Mehboob / @nidaa.mehboob
Uma Bista / @uma.bista
Arko Datto / @dinosofhindostan
Adira Thekkuveettil / @thiruvadira
Amarnath Praful
Arun Vijai Mathavan / @arunvijaimathavan
Cheryl Mukherji / @cherylmukherji
Diwas Raja KC / @diwasraja
Jaisingh Nageshwaran / @jaisingh_na
Nandita Raman / @nandita.raman